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ZOOK CLAN (Hudson/Antonio)
Come along and play with the Clan
We’ll help each other to understand
About the world and the lives we live
It’s not what you get but, what you give

And what you get you gotta share
Show everybody that you care
About the world and the lives we live
‘Cause Mother Earth is our greatest gift
Our greatest gift, yeah yeah yeah…1 2 3 4

Zook Zook Zook Zucchini Clan Do do do do!

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself
With an open heart you can help yourself
To rise and shine like the brightest day
There’s time to work, time to play!

‘Cause the ancient ways are coming back new
There’s a lot more now of us than just a few
In communities like we used to live
It’s not what you get but, what you give
What you give, yeah yeah yeah 1 2 3 4

SOLAR POWER (Hudson/Antonio)
Sun shining on the roof of our house
Roof of our house
Sun shining down sun shining down
Minute by minute, hour by hour
We got solar power, solar power

Well I wake up in the morning have a hot hot shower
Solar power, solar power shower

Well I jump on my bike, ride to school
Riding down the street it looks really cool
Every single house in my street
Shining bright in the shimmering heat has
Solar power, solar power

Computers at school are lots of fun
‘Cause they’re powered by the sun
Computers are ok but what’s more cool
Is playing outside, breaking the rules!
Playing the fool

Sun Smart schools enjoying the view
Of old gum trees, sky so blue
Sun Smart schools are where it’s at
So always wear a Sun smart hat
‘Cause the, sun’s shining down, sun’s shining down, sun’s shining down
Or the hot’s gonna burn your crown

‘Cause the sun’s shining on the roof of our hats
Roof of our hats
Sun shining down, sun shining down

Well my family and my community
Feeling so happy feeling so free
Receiving this clean energy
From the sky from the sea
We’ve got solar power, water power, wind power
Hour by hour by hour

From country towns to the city
Living in a sun smart community…

I stop and think I stop and think
When I’m really really thirsty and I need something to drink
I stop and think I stop and think
Before I buy the plastic bottle from the shop in the fridge
I stop

And I wonder where the water came from?
And how many roads it travelled along?
It’s not quite right it feels so wrong
And that’s the reason we sing this song

Nine spoons of sugar in a can of soft drink

Did you know there are places when you swim in the river
Where you can drink while you swim drink while you swim drink while you swim
‘Cause the water is crystal clear
You can just open your mouth and let it float right in
Swimming upstream feels like a dream
‘Cause i’m doing breaststroke and I am drinking the clean water
And I can taste the moss, taste the rocks, taste the reeds
I can taste the story of where this river’s been
And now I’m back in the city
And I’m watching this water gurgling down the sink
And it makes me think…

Don’t you think we oughta think about the water…

STUFF (Antonio/Hudson)
People buy so much stuff nowadays
Use it awhile, throw it away
If it’s not new don’t mean it’s bad
Wasting resources is just a fad
Time we turn this around
Gotta start today
Think before you buy
Before you throw away

Refuse, reuse, reduce, recycle
Out of the car, onto a bicycle
Repair, renew, reclaim, recreate
What can you learn, what can you make?

Things you own end up owning you
Is it a toy or is it a tool?
If something’s broken then try to fix it
If you cannot fix it recreate it
‘Cause everything comes from the Earth
Do you really need it, what’s it really worth?
‘Cause less is more when it comes to stuff
Start thinking about how much is enough
How much is enough?

3 YEARS OLD (Hudson/Antonio)

When you’ve stuck your finger up your nose
Got an itchy bum, crust between your toes
Nits in your hair, rash everywhere
It’s just the way it goes
Picking up chewing gum off the street
It’s your favourite treat to eat
Step in dog poo, tread it everywhere
Hiding the dog’s bone

3 years old, so brave and bold
A little out of control
Don’t need to be told
I’m not a baby, no!

Laying on the ground, kicking all around
A supermarket tanty draws a crowd
Finger paints at kinder, pull the cat’s tail
Easter eggs for lunch
Drinking a milkshake through your nose
Spit at your sister, spit it at your bro
Hide Grannie’s false teeth under her bed
Will not eat your greens

Playing in the mud, playing on the road
Got a pet frog or maybe it’s a toad
Warts on your fingers the cradle thumps
Ride it like a playground swing
Build a lego tower higher than the fence
The tree-house is where you like to hide best
Silly little sister imaginary friends
Will not clean your teeth

UNIQUE (Hudson/Antonio)
Sometimes you win sometimes you lose
But what really matters is how you choose
To deal with tough things in your life
‘Cause often you’ll crash
Sometimes you’ll fly
So it seems to me the best lessons we learn
Are from what’s been hardest to earn
So try try try don’t give up
‘Cause through hard work we create our own luck

I am unique a one and only
And when I speak I’m not lonely
I’m free, free to be me, yeah!
Free to be me

Being good at sport is not the be and all
‘Cause some can dance and some can draw
But as long as you always follow your heart
It doesn’t really matter from where you start
Or whether you’re a boy or a girl
Big and strong, skinny or small
‘Cause nothing stays the same
Life always changes
And it doesn’t really matter what your name is
The colour of your skin
Or where you live
It’s not what you get but what you give
Feelings are natural they’re no big deal
So just remember to keep it real

I am unique a one and only
And when I speak I’m not lonely
I’m free, free to be me, yeah!
Free to be me
My family and my friends are sweet
This life together is such a treat
We treat each other in so many awesome ways
We love to play and have so much to say
We look at each other and shout
We look at each other and shout
Today’s my day!

Success don’t mean you have to come first
Just do your best is what will work
‘Cause we’re all good at different things
And we learn more when we don’t win
So be at peace within your heart
Explore the world, be involved, take part
Keep an open mind, think big
You never know what life will bring
Resilience and gratitude are important attitudes

If we really want to live we gotta learn to forgive
‘Cause tolerance and patience is
The key to flourish in your light
Of happiness, the vibe that’s right!
Rejoice for others for we are blessed
We have so much, but more is less

More is less and less is more
As you go on a shopping tour
Remembering this will set you free
From wanting things that you don’t need

So check your heart your attitude
Be mindful of the words you use
‘Cause everything starts with a thought
And peace and love cannot be bought
Be grateful for the life you have
Let go of fear ‘cause you are rad

A radical individual in a community is responsible

EARLY BIRD (Antonio)
Lily Green likes to sleep in
Lily Green stayed up late again
Lily Green’s a night owl
She stayed up late, she’s sleeping now
Lily Green’s sleeping in again

But the early bird catches the worm
While she was still asleep
The early bird catches the worm
While she was in a dream

Professor E likes sleeping
He fell asleep in 1914
Professor E’s from another time
100 years in his mind
Professor E is now awake again

But the early bird catches the worm
While he was still asleep
The early bird catches the worm
While he was in a dream

Lily Green doesn’t always sleep in
Lily Green’s up with the birds again
Lily Green greets the sun
In the garden she has fun
Lily Green’s up with the dawn again

But the early bird catches the worm
Professor was still sleep
The early bird catches the worm
Professor was in a dream
Professor’s old, he likes to sleep
Sometimes he does it
On his feet
Professor’s old
He’s fallen asleep again…

BROODY HEN (Antonio/Hudson)
Broody hen broody hen broody hen
Stuck in the pen
Broody hen broody hen broody hen
I want my breakfast!
Broody hen broody hen broody hen
Sits on her nest
Broody hen broody hen broody hen
Give up your eggs (please)

Broody hen i’m sorry to say
The rooster’s up and run away
Although he was quite a catch
I’m afraid those eggs will never hatch
So no point sitting on the nest today
Come out of the pen it’s time to play
‘Cause we would like your eggs to eat
That would be so very sweet
Or savoury! (It’s a figure of speech!)

Broody hen, now it’s a fact
Your rooster wasn’t all intact
For he was just a poor old capon
For the pot, for the flavour
When farmer Joe came with the axe
The rooster had to pack his bag
And run off to another farm
Where he might not come to any harm (That rooster’s life was very charmed!)

Hens should not be locked in cages
They should all be free rangers
Scratch in the dust, “There’s a grub!”
Laying an egg for your breakfast
Out in the sun where they can run
To cluck and peck with respect
Where their social order can reflect
They even make good pets. Good pets? Good pets! Good friends! You bet!

Chickens should all be free range
Never should they be locked in cages
Pumping out eggs for us to eat
They’re not machines
You know what i mean


If you are learning to play the guitar here are the chords for all the songs on ‘Wildlife’. If you’re not sure about some of them ask your music teacher or find them at

Seasons ~ C A C G C A  F G C chorus B C F G

Little Black Fly ~ E D A change open E (4th fret, 3rd fret, 2nd fret – no names for these chords?!)

Wildlife ~ A C G D A D A chorus C G F   outro A D

Tooth Faery ~ C G C G C G D G   outro C G

Happy Puppy ~ E G D A E

Crumbs (from the kitchen floor) ~ C G C G C F C G C

Blackfella/Whitefella ~ Am C G F   chorus Bb F D#

Who Are You? ~ D A G A D

Log Trux ~ A G C A   outro A

Spirit Princess ~ C Cmaj7 D   chorus G D Am A5 C

*Broody Hen ~ Em C   change: A C#m G Bm A

“Persistent practice makes proficient!”

(Which means, play a bit every day and you’ll improve. But if you practice a lot every day you’ll get really good!)